Monkeys In Space – (This Is) How We Live feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles OFFICIAL Music Video

This is How We Live- Monkeys in Space feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles from Jared Goldstein on Vimeo.

About a week ago we hit the streets of San Diego to film a music video for our track “This is How We Live.” In one day of shooting and just a few days in post-production, our good friend Jared Goldstein put together a really badass video! We hope you enjoy what you see and get a better idea of just how. it. is. we. live 😉


Real Life Superheroes: Monkeys In Space

Johnny and I were wandering around downtown San Diego before our last show at the House of Blues. We turn the corner and see two masked figures approaching. Sketchy, right? After we got a bit closer we realized who we were dealing with: San Diego’s own Real-Life Superheroes! (How pumped are we?!)

For those of you that don’t know who the Real-Life Superheroes are, I encourage you to do a little research online. If you’re thinking this is jussstt thsilly, think again. These guys are real deal. In fact, so real deal that HBO produced a documentary on real-life superheroes across the nation. Our friend in the red mask goes by Urban Avenger. I can’t remember the name of the one in the purple, but they were both rad enough to take a picture with us.

There’s no doubt these guys get made fun of more often than not – and it’s pretty easy to understand why. But there will be no jokes made from camp Mi$. These guys take their shit seriously and make no mistake about it, they will fuck you up, criminal.

Our First Radio Interview – FM 94.9 SD

A few weeks back we got invited down to the studio to debut our new song “Roses” LIVE on the air with FM 94.9′s Tim Pyles. Tim has been a huge supporter of the band for some time now, and decided to bring the kids in for a little promo. Can’t thank him enough for the opportunity.. San Diego got a little of what’s to come off of the upcoming “People Pleasing” record, along with one of our favorites, “Supermodel Suitcase.” Check out the interview below. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we make it on the air… What do you think?

This Week In Space

We’ve got a big week ahead of us, Monkeys! First, J celebrates 24 years of kicking life’s ass doin what he was born to do – rockin out at one of our favorite venues, 4th&B! Former drummer of Guns n’ Roses Steven Adler will be there with his new project “Adler’s Appetite,” along with another SD rock crew, Oliver Trolley! Expect lots of women, booze and rock n’ roll! 

The following night we head back to the Sandbar for another rowdy night by the beach. The Sandbar is shaping up to be our local rock-spot and it’s been a party unlike any other in town!

After we rock SD, we’re heading up North to give a little love to our crew in San Fran. Check us out Saturday night at the Rock-It-Room!!

Other than that, we have some new music and movies on the way! Stay tuned!!