Monkeys In Space Make the Papes!

Today was a great day for #teamMiS!! First off, we got the feature from our new friends over at the Pulse SD – a video interview of us before our last gig at the Casbah, and a live performance of us rocking “Roses” a few hours later! Can’t thank Cindy and the crew enough for coming out to show their support of the local music scene. You can check out the full interview and the live video over at The Pulse.

Also, our buddy Dave Good hooked us up with a great feature over on the Jam Session blog at the Reader. Check it out – we talk tour, influences, tunes and what it’s like to be a fuckin’ Monkey In Space! Big thanks to Dave.. buy him a beer yo!

Keep your eyes out for more Monkeys in the news. We’re hittin it hard, spread the word. Won’t be long now until you’re hearin much more from ya boys.


Photo Shoot with Pol Santos TONIGHT!

We’re finally getting some new press photos taken! Our good friend Pol Santos is taking us out around San Diego later on this evening. Looking forward to getting some new photos out to ya! Stay tuned…

Check out Pol’s pics online at

While you’re at it — rock with us:

Mi$ live at House of Blues tomorrow night!

Hope to see all you San Diego kids tomorrow night at the House of Blues for another Tuesday Booze-day.. Your employers must be loving us by now.. we know ours do 😉

Check out the photos from our cd release show and Huge thanks to Pol Santos & Tito Jose!

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Or visit our Homies site-

Thanks for all the support! Request Weather the Storm on 94/9 Now! 619-570-1-94-9

Back to Work at $tudio West


Bright and early on Sunday morning and we’re back to work at Studio West in San Diego. Stay tuned for the newest tracks, “Blame Me” and “Closing Argument” later on this week! We’ll see you in Long Beach!

Allllll Abbboooaaarrrdd

All Aboard!

Yo Monkeys! We are arranging a Party bus for allllll of our friends to bring the party from SD to Long Beach for our Halloween BLOWOUT with STRUNG OUT! We need a head count so if you want onboard this crazy train drop us an email or give a Monkey a shout ASAP!

Harbor Haunt Long Beach

Official Comic Con Costume Party, Long Beach


Dont worry, I had nothing to do with the creation of either of these hideous flyers..

Mi$ Featured in a SCORE Race Video

Well I was handing out demos at Bebos race and it looks like we actually got some listeners! Check out this video recap of SCORE Primm 300 Desert Race featuring Monkeys In Space music. Look out for those McMillin Trucks! Huge thanks to Doug Hayduk for rockin our tracks on the sound track! New tracks coming REAL soon. Monkeys In $pace

To see more of Dougs work visit:


Attention M.I.$. faithful… WE HAVE STICKERS!! We also have flyers, but stickers are sticky – therefore, more fun to post on random things, like this hot chick’s boot $-) We’re takin’ our promotion to the shhtreets and we need your help! Contact a Monkey In $pace of your choice to get a hold of some of these sticky bastards… Keep rockin!

MI$ Update


Good evening, monkeys! I thought i’d take a few moments to give you a quick update on what’s happening out here in $PACE! We’ve been grindin out some new tunes and are hoping to debut a few this Wed at the Brick by Brick in good ol’ dego! We’ve been coming up with some prettyyy serious rock and are anxious to get some feedback! We’re also working to finish the “self addressed” video this week and booking some more studio time to add to our arsenol of rawwkkk! And theeennn… we just printed up some flyers and stickers for a little street promo and invite all of you to participate! For stickers and posters to obnoxiously post in public restrooms, bus stops, foreheads, ass cheeks and any other place you freaks might think up , contact us at! Keep rockinnn! We’ll see you $OON!! — J Bravv