The MAKING of a Monkeys In Space Album Cover…

Sometimes figuring out and executing the art concept for the Monkeys albums can be just as taxing as recording the actual record itself… Take a look at a few MI$ covers and what they looked like before they had been polished, colored and released to the world.. We are lucky enough to get to collaborate with some incredible artists from all over the world that truly make every Monkeys In Space album a work of art from the inside out. Thank you! to everyone that has supported us and donated their time to the Monkeys Rock n’ Roll campaign over the years- WE SALUTE YOU!


***Artwork by Peter Nudo (Poway-San Francisco, Ca)



***Artwork by Vratislav Vanecek (United Kingdom)



***Artwork by Ahmed Shaltout (Egypt)



More to come… 


❤ Mx.



POPVulture Magazine talks beginnings and futures with MONKEYS IN SPACE in anticipation of the 2014 release- KILL YOUR PAST!

This one’s for the fans of alternative, grungy, good old Rock-n-Roll. Hailing from Poway, CA comes Monkeys In Space.


The Monkeys sat down with the POPVulture Entertainment Network for a few words on where the Monkeys came from- what makes them tick.. and whats next. Check out the interview with POPVulture Magazine here:

CLICK HERE to read the FULL INTERVIEW with POPVulture Magazine

Monkeys In Space Talk with POPVulture Magazine

Monkeys In Space Talk with POPVulture Magazine


MI$ CD Release Show - 050/09/2014




Monkeys In Space crash land at 710 Beach Club (710 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA) for the epic KILL YOUR PAST CD Release Party- We will be debuting never before heard songs, handing out killer giveaways and celebrating our year long journey to this day! 

We hope to see all of our close friends, fans and family out tonight- it has been too long!


We take the stage early- Curtains up at 9:30pm!


Remember to say MONKEYS IN SPACE at the door to receive your FREE Monkeys In Space “Badass-Assness” Glow in the Dark Wristband!




New Music, New Shows, Same Monkeys

It’s official! September 8th we will be sharing the stage with yet another great band/MiS favorite, The Ataris! We’re headed back to the Vault in Temecula, CA and couldn’t be more stoked to rock with one of the great bands of our time. We hope to see you all there – but in the mean time, you can check us LIVE in San Diego this coming Thursday, July 26th with Authority Zero and Versus the World. The show is being held at the infamous SD rock club, SOMA. This is going to be a great show! Come rock with us!

We’re also hard at work on the new record. Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook pages for constant updates and pay attention to the site for some leaks of the new tracks! Can’t wait to see what you think of the jams.. we’re sure you’re gonna love em!

Rock on Monkeys – we’ll see ya Thursday!

Monkeys In Space Rock SOMA San Diego w/ Authority Zero

We are currently taking a bit of a Hiatus from shows to work on our brand new record! So stoked and it looks like we have about a 15-18 song album brewing complete with some throwbacks redone and brand spanking new tunes that shred like never before!

Mi$ Live on Ustream

Mi$ Live on Ustream

Stay Tuned every weekend for an inside peek into our tracking as we will be running a live feed directly from our USTREAM channel to your home computer or television! Tune in to all of the fun here:


San Diego fans- Come hang out with us Thursday July 26th 2012 at the legendary SOMA San Diego for a night of Punk Rock greatness with Authority Zero & Versus the World.. Its gonna be a killer night and we hope to see all your fists in the air. In honor of our upcoming release and its blend of old and new tracks we will be playing old favorites like Sweet Bitters and You Me and the Devil Make Three- Scott and Jason bring a new energy to the old tunes and we know you guys will be stoked on how they turned out!

Monkeys In Space and Authority Zero Live at Soma San Diego

Monkeys In Space and Authority Zero Live at Soma San Diego

Mi$ & Versus the World Live with Authority Zero at Soma San Diego Thursday July 26th 2012

Mi$, Authority Zero & Versus the World Live at Soma San Diego

Mi$ and Authority Zero & Versus the World at Soma San Diego

Mi$ and Authority Zero July 26th 2012

For Tickets Visit:

Hate Hate Everything Debut Live footy

” look at all of those faces before they got melted..”

Mi$ Live

Johnny and J Rippin it up at Typhoon Saloon

Mi$ Merch Table

Monkeys In Space Merch Table and JV gettin his salesman on

Our boy JVel Iphoned the last song in our Typhoon Saloon set this past Friday! Huge thanks Jeremy- first fan video upload in 3 years! Check out the live version of our brand new song Hate Hate Everything.. So smokin new I didnt even have the words down yet.. catch me cheating with stage notes!

Leave us some love if you dig it..Hate Hate Everything, its definitely a mouthful of a song! Available on Itunes and Spotify now! Hate Hate Everything was again, mixed by Oxi Ros who will be joining us on stage for the next few months as our fill in drummer.. We are stoked to have him on board- he has mixed and mastered every one of our songs since day 1 and he knows the tunes inside and out! Check out his debut Sunday June 10th at the Invisible Children Benefit Show.

Purchase Hate Hate Everything and help us finish our next cd!

Hate Hate Everything (Live/Debut Performance)

Monkeys In Space – (This Is) How We Live feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles OFFICIAL Music Video

This is How We Live- Monkeys in Space feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles from Jared Goldstein on Vimeo.

About a week ago we hit the streets of San Diego to film a music video for our track “This is How We Live.” In one day of shooting and just a few days in post-production, our good friend Jared Goldstein put together a really badass video! We hope you enjoy what you see and get a better idea of just how. it. is. we. live 😉


Monkeys In Space Make the Papes!

Today was a great day for #teamMiS!! First off, we got the feature from our new friends over at the Pulse SD – a video interview of us before our last gig at the Casbah, and a live performance of us rocking “Roses” a few hours later! Can’t thank Cindy and the crew enough for coming out to show their support of the local music scene. You can check out the full interview and the live video over at The Pulse.

Also, our buddy Dave Good hooked us up with a great feature over on the Jam Session blog at the Reader. Check it out – we talk tour, influences, tunes and what it’s like to be a fuckin’ Monkey In Space! Big thanks to Dave.. buy him a beer yo!

Keep your eyes out for more Monkeys in the news. We’re hittin it hard, spread the word. Won’t be long now until you’re hearin much more from ya boys.


Real Life Superheroes: Monkeys In Space

Johnny and I were wandering around downtown San Diego before our last show at the House of Blues. We turn the corner and see two masked figures approaching. Sketchy, right? After we got a bit closer we realized who we were dealing with: San Diego’s own Real-Life Superheroes! (How pumped are we?!)

For those of you that don’t know who the Real-Life Superheroes are, I encourage you to do a little research online. If you’re thinking this is jussstt thsilly, think again. These guys are real deal. In fact, so real deal that HBO produced a documentary on real-life superheroes across the nation. Our friend in the red mask goes by Urban Avenger. I can’t remember the name of the one in the purple, but they were both rad enough to take a picture with us.

There’s no doubt these guys get made fun of more often than not – and it’s pretty easy to understand why. But there will be no jokes made from camp Mi$. These guys take their shit seriously and make no mistake about it, they will fuck you up, criminal.