Monkeys! It’s been a long time a’comin, but we finally released a new song off of our new album “Kill Your Past.” We are proud to introduce “Blackout,” a high-energy power-pop rock song that screams “f**k you” to corporate media – the 24 hour non-news cycle that aims to distract our minds and redirect our hearts to things that plain don’t. matter. Oh, Everybody’s Talkin’ alright, and it’s about time we stop talking and start SHOUTING.

“They say we’re tearing apart at the seams. That’s not what I see, I still believe in WE.”

We are all Monkeys.

F**k it’s good to be back. See you all soon.



Ray beat me to the next Monkeys vid..

Thanks Bud! Stay Tuned for the next Monkeys Webisode- the Monkeys meet Josh.. uh huh.

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