Monkeys! It’s been a long time a’comin, but we finally released a new song off of our new album “Kill Your Past.” We are proud to introduce “Blackout,” a high-energy power-pop rock song that screams “f**k you” to corporate media – the 24 hour non-news cycle that aims to distract our minds and redirect our hearts to things that plain don’t. matter. Oh, Everybody’s Talkin’ alright, and it’s about time we stop talking and start SHOUTING.

“They say we’re tearing apart at the seams. That’s not what I see, I still believe in WE.”

We are all Monkeys.

F**k it’s good to be back. See you all soon.


POPVulture Magazine talks beginnings and futures with MONKEYS IN SPACE in anticipation of the 2014 release- KILL YOUR PAST!

This one’s for the fans of alternative, grungy, good old Rock-n-Roll. Hailing from Poway, CA comes Monkeys In Space.


The Monkeys sat down with the POPVulture Entertainment Network for a few words on where the Monkeys came from- what makes them tick.. and whats next. Check out the interview with POPVulture Magazine here:

CLICK HERE to read the FULL INTERVIEW with POPVulture Magazine

Monkeys In Space Talk with POPVulture Magazine

Monkeys In Space Talk with POPVulture Magazine

Monkeys In Space Rock SOMA San Diego w/ Authority Zero

We are currently taking a bit of a Hiatus from shows to work on our brand new record! So stoked and it looks like we have about a 15-18 song album brewing complete with some throwbacks redone and brand spanking new tunes that shred like never before!

Mi$ Live on Ustream

Mi$ Live on Ustream

Stay Tuned every weekend for an inside peek into our tracking as we will be running a live feed directly from our USTREAM channel to your home computer or television! Tune in to all of the fun here: http://www.ustream.tv/user/monkeysinspace


San Diego fans- Come hang out with us Thursday July 26th 2012 at the legendary SOMA San Diego for a night of Punk Rock greatness with Authority Zero & Versus the World.. Its gonna be a killer night and we hope to see all your fists in the air. In honor of our upcoming release and its blend of old and new tracks we will be playing old favorites like Sweet Bitters and You Me and the Devil Make Three- Scott and Jason bring a new energy to the old tunes and we know you guys will be stoked on how they turned out!

Monkeys In Space and Authority Zero Live at Soma San Diego

Monkeys In Space and Authority Zero Live at Soma San Diego

Mi$ & Versus the World Live with Authority Zero at Soma San Diego Thursday July 26th 2012

Mi$, Authority Zero & Versus the World Live at Soma San Diego

Mi$ and Authority Zero & Versus the World at Soma San Diego

Mi$ and Authority Zero July 26th 2012

For Tickets Visit: https://tickets.somasandiego.com/?show_id=1551

Monkeys In Space Make the Papes!

Today was a great day for #teamMiS!! First off, we got the feature from our new friends over at the Pulse SD – a video interview of us before our last gig at the Casbah, and a live performance of us rocking “Roses” a few hours later! Can’t thank Cindy and the crew enough for coming out to show their support of the local music scene. You can check out the full interview and the live video over at The Pulse.

Also, our buddy Dave Good hooked us up with a great feature over on the Jam Session blog at the Reader. Check it out – we talk tour, influences, tunes and what it’s like to be a fuckin’ Monkey In Space! Big thanks to Dave.. buy him a beer yo!

Keep your eyes out for more Monkeys in the news. We’re hittin it hard, spread the word. Won’t be long now until you’re hearin much more from ya boys.