Real Life Superheroes: Monkeys In Space

Johnny and I were wandering around downtown San Diego before our last show at the House of Blues. We turn the corner and see two masked figures approaching. Sketchy, right? After we got a bit closer we realized who we were dealing with: San Diego’s own Real-Life Superheroes! (How pumped are we?!)

For those of you that don’t know who the Real-Life Superheroes are, I encourage you to do a little research online. If you’re thinking this is jussstt thsilly, think again. These guys are real deal. In fact, so real deal that HBO produced a documentary on real-life superheroes across the nation. Our friend in the red mask goes by Urban Avenger. I can’t remember the name of the one in the purple, but they were both rad enough to take a picture with us.

There’s no doubt these guys get made fun of more often than not – and it’s pretty easy to understand why. But there will be no jokes made from camp Mi$. These guys take their shit seriously and make no mistake about it, they will fuck you up, criminal.