Weather the Storm Lyric Video!

Monkeys In Space Tour DVD

With most of the US entrenched in snow we thought.. What better time to re-release our most popular single from our debut album “Flying Under the Influence.” With the new album, “Kill Your Past,” right around the corner.. get caught up on all of the best Monkeys In Space tunes.. Kick it off with “Weather the Storm!”


Our First Radio Interview – FM 94.9 SD

A few weeks back we got invited down to the studio to debut our new song “Roses” LIVE on the air with FM 94.9′s Tim Pyles. Tim has been a huge supporter of the band for some time now, and decided to bring the kids in for a little promo. Can’t thank him enough for the opportunity.. San Diego got a little of what’s to come off of the upcoming “People Pleasing” record, along with one of our favorites, “Supermodel Suitcase.” Check out the interview below. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we make it on the air… What do you think?

MI$ Update


Good evening, monkeys! I thought i’d take a few moments to give you a quick update on what’s happening out here in $PACE! We’ve been grindin out some new tunes and are hoping to debut a few this Wed at the Brick by Brick in good ol’ dego! We’ve been coming up with some prettyyy serious rock and are anxious to get some feedback! We’re also working to finish the “self addressed” video this week and booking some more studio time to add to our arsenol of rawwkkk! And theeennn… we just printed up some flyers and stickers for a little street promo and invite all of you to participate! For stickers and posters to obnoxiously post in public restrooms, bus stops, foreheads, ass cheeks and any other place you freaks might think up , contact us at! Keep rockinnn! We’ll see you $OON!! — J Bravv