Quit doin drugs and play some shows..

And now for an update… We have taken a break from our usual sloppy drunk mess of shows to invest some serious time in recording and song writing. Tonight we will be posting our latest DIY track from MonkeyMayhem Studios/Apartment entitled Blame Me- Guaranteed to give you a rock n’ rollin hard-on.

We will also, finally, be wrapping up the Self-Addressed Video shoot with Mr. Mike Vara that we have been sitting on for quite sometime now. I think you kids are gonna be really stoked on what direction the video ended up taking.

Word around town is our good friend Ray Roman & Tv World have been digging up all sorts of wild home movies that should eventually find there way in a Monkey Vision style Music Video for Whiskey Kings, can’t wait to see what kind of embarrassing shit makes the final cut!

And if we haven’t enlisted army of friends big enough I have roped one of our more graphically inclined friends, Peter Nudo, into doing some Artwork for us so we should have some legitimate merch come the new year… Fingers Crossed.

Much love, can’t wait to rock all your faces off with these new jams soon, BaddestMonkey.

Whiskey Kings Promo comin at ya hot! Thanks Mikey!


91x Radio Promo

Check out our 91x Radio Promo for our show tonight.. Thanks radio land.

Follow the link below and click the player in the center of the page.

Mi$ 91x Promo


91x Promo