Monkeys In Space have just release their latest single off of the upcoming summer 2017 release Kill Your Past.

Consumer is a song forour times- the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.. Consumer delves into the consciousness of a man torn apart buy societies expectations- the rampant consumerism that every family in America now wields, where the lines of wants and needs are drastically blurred, how is a middle class man suppose to provide for his family in a world where a yearly $500 phone purchase has now become the new norm..

This is a good man, a hardworking man who provides for his family.. but with wants now outweighing needs in our society you have three choices: grin, bare it, work your fingers to the bone to buy that new iPhone, envelop your family is massive credit card debt, or cheat, steal, lie or die- hopefully one of those three jobs you have will provide some sort of life insurance benefits, right? 

I assure you, the song is not as grim as the story behind it makes it sound! Check it out here: Please leave us some love and be sure to keep an eye out for Kill Your Past- Slated for Summer 2017 release, Finally!




Coming 2018. Copyright Monkeys In Space 2008-2018. All rights reserved.

Artwork by Ahmed Shaltout

See Monkeys In Space LIVE – St. Patty’s Day in Pacific Beach,Ca

Monkeys in Space will be returning to the San Diego stage after a two-year hiatus to grow… and record our new album Kill Your Past. Join us and SD locals Van Goat- Friday, March 17th at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach, Ca to celebrate St. Patty’s day like only the Monkeys can! Tons of giveaways, green beer and a trip to space.. lets do this.

Doors: 8:30pm
Monkeys In Space: 9:30 – 10:30PM
Van Goat: 10:45-12:00AM

More Details Coming Soon.

Monkeys In Space- BACK IN ACTION!

We are BACK! More details to follow including new shows, a brand new record and a new bassist and drummer that will rock your fuckin socks off! Put your dancing shoes on.. (sans the socks) and head on over to our facebook page at for more as we reinvent this page. Big things on the way from the Mi$ camp!

Next Show:
March 28 2013 – House of Blues Sunset Strip, Hollywood Ca
April 5 2013 – Typhoon Saloon, San Diego Ca – Acoustic Set + Monkeys Covers Night

Check out our homegirl Alicee Suicide rocking the latest Mi$ Merch, Only available now at our upcoming show! See you all in March!

Alicee Suicide:

Mi$ & SG- together at last..

Alicee our favorite Suicide Girl rockin the new Monkeys In Space gear

So we have been on the road.. and our site has suffered, here is an offering!

We are working on the Posts of all Posts right now with an accurate recounting of the first leg of the Flying Under the Influence Tour. We have braved blizzards and storms in a leaky sketchy bus, talked our way out of imprisonment and ridiculous serial-killer/nazi bars, drove 15 hours straight in the dead of night 3 times, melted some faces, made some new friends, watched our bus catch fire and limped 100miles home at 20mph on the 5 when our transmission blew out on the final day of the first leg- oh yea and we played some kickass rock shows too. We have captured it all on film and are gearing up to set out on the second leg! The next webisode is well in the works and should be posted shortly. Until then here is the last night of the first leg in Hollywood California at the Whisky A Go Go. Party on Wayne.


Our new Song “SCREAM” & a Monkey Video Update

Check out our brand new track off of our upcoming Ep “Flying Under the Influence”

Produced by Monkeys In Space/ Mixed by Oxi Ros

Leave us some love, See ya at Sound Wave Mission Beach Tonight!!

We’re back.. and we got a list of names…

Well that holiday hiatus sucked fuckin balls. We’re back to doin what we do best- breakin guitars, shouting obscenities and avoiding the real world… so naturally we thought it would be the perfect time to return to the stage, and what better place to do so.. Catch us live at 4th & B in the heart of downtown San Diego- Saturday January 29th of this brand new year. Lace up them dancin shoes and sharpen those elbows cause we’re gonna make ya hurt for it!

Allllll Abbboooaaarrrdd

All Aboard!

Yo Monkeys! We are arranging a Party bus for allllll of our friends to bring the party from SD to Long Beach for our Halloween BLOWOUT with STRUNG OUT! We need a head count so if you want onboard this crazy train drop us an email or give a Monkey a shout ASAP!

Harbor Haunt Long Beach

Official Comic Con Costume Party, Long Beach


Dont worry, I had nothing to do with the creation of either of these hideous flyers..

See Ya at the Show!

Live at 4th & B TONIGHT!

Can you smell it in the air: It’s fuckin friday- that whistles about to blow and were gearing up to wreck the quiet calm of a mundane work week with some ear blistering Rock n’ Roll! We have free tickets and will be rocking both a pre and after party so bring a change of socks cause your in the jungle now baby!

Details: Monkeys In Space Live @ 4th & B, San Diego, Ca10:30pm

O’Connells After Party/ Extra Sloppy

Higs Bday Rockmess

MI$ Live

Drink Much?

Fuck! Where are my keys!?


We're not that drunk..