Monkeys In Space – (This Is) How We Live feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles OFFICIAL Music Video

This is How We Live- Monkeys in Space feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles from Jared Goldstein on Vimeo.

About a week ago we hit the streets of San Diego to film a music video for our track “This is How We Live.” In one day of shooting and just a few days in post-production, our good friend Jared Goldstein put together a really badass video! We hope you enjoy what you see and get a better idea of just how. it. is. we. live 😉


Kickstarter Launched! Lets raise some funds for tour!

We have launched our Kickstarter campaign! Our goal is $2,000 and we have some pretty cool incentives that will definitely help secure your place in Monkeys In Space History. All donations will go to Gas, Food, fixing up our new tour bus and the occasional hot shower. Thank yo uso much for all of your support!

A word from Facebook:

 “Alright guys.. here it is- This is make it or break it for Mi$ and our Flying Under the Influence Tour. You guys have stood by us and supported us for the last 2 and a half years and we are finally ready to make the jump into the bigs.. We hope you guys will find it in your hearts to Pledge a few dollars to the Monkeys In Space Campaign and help keep us on the road for as long as possible. Every dime helps and for those of you big spenders that really wanna show your Monkey love- we have some great incentives starting at just ONE DOLLAR! We love you all and thank you so much for your continued support! Mi$ for life.”

Monkeys In Space Kickstarter Campaign

Monkeys In Space Kickstarter Campaign