Welcome Scott and Jason!

The search is over! We are proud to announce the most recent additions to Monkeys In Space, bassist Scott Szikla – formerly of A Shattered Hope – and drummer Jason Dean – formerly of Heavy Treavy and the Not So Fat Kids! We are back in the lab, workin hard to pump out some new music and have been reinspired by both Scott and Jason’s passion for music and enthusiasm about our band. We’re so stoked for what’s to come and hope to see you this Sunday at the Che Cafe in San Diego, CA! Rockkkkk

Tour Webisode Part 1!

Our buddy Raymond Roman has yet again sorted through about 100 gigs of iphone footage of ours and came back with a pretty cool behind the scenes glimpse of our life on the road. Unfortunately it is just the band members with Cell Phone cameras so much of the performances were not captured but you do get a chance to see the pre and post show Monkeys In Space. Stay tuned- this is a 4 part series!

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it!

We will be closing out the Second Leg of our Flying Under the Influence tour at our favorite Hollywood spot- the Whisky A-Go Go this Friday the 27th! We hope to see all you kids there with your fists in the air!

Following the Whisky show we will be in Tempe, AZ for the raddest Cinco De Mayo celebration in the west at Macayo’s Cantina and then we will be returning to Hollywood to start pre-production on our new record!

Big thangs Big thangs, See you all very soon!

Monkeys In Space – (This Is) How We Live feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles OFFICIAL Music Video

This is How We Live- Monkeys in Space feat. Brandon “Blue” Lyles from Jared Goldstein on Vimeo.

About a week ago we hit the streets of San Diego to film a music video for our track “This is How We Live.” In one day of shooting and just a few days in post-production, our good friend Jared Goldstein put together a really badass video! We hope you enjoy what you see and get a better idea of just how. it. is. we. live 😉


Monkeys In Space Android App

Download the official Monkeys In Space Android Application today!! More apps to come, including the iPhone, iPad and more. Stay tuned! Visit us on Facebook at http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com for more information. ROCK!


Real Life Superheroes: Monkeys In Space

Johnny and I were wandering around downtown San Diego before our last show at the House of Blues. We turn the corner and see two masked figures approaching. Sketchy, right? After we got a bit closer we realized who we were dealing with: San Diego’s own Real-Life Superheroes! (How pumped are we?!)

For those of you that don’t know who the Real-Life Superheroes are, I encourage you to do a little research online. If you’re thinking this is jussstt thsilly, think again. These guys are real deal. In fact, so real deal that HBO produced a documentary on real-life superheroes across the nation. Our friend in the red mask goes by Urban Avenger. I can’t remember the name of the one in the purple, but they were both rad enough to take a picture with us.

There’s no doubt these guys get made fun of more often than not – and it’s pretty easy to understand why. But there will be no jokes made from camp Mi$. These guys take their shit seriously and make no mistake about it, they will fuck you up, criminal.

Our First Radio Interview – FM 94.9 SD

A few weeks back we got invited down to the studio to debut our new song “Roses” LIVE on the air with FM 94.9′s Tim Pyles. Tim has been a huge supporter of the band for some time now, and decided to bring the kids in for a little promo. Can’t thank him enough for the opportunity.. San Diego got a little of what’s to come off of the upcoming “People Pleasing” record, along with one of our favorites, “Supermodel Suitcase.” Check out the interview below. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we make it on the air… What do you think?

Some lost footage..

Hey kiddos, Here is a link to some footage I found on an old flip cam- Its got a pre pre-production sessions and some Flying Under the Influence tracking on it.. I figured it was now or never to show it as we are finishing up the tracking on our second real release. I think we finally settled on a name for our upcoming album. “People-Pleasing” takes the cake and is also the title track on the album. Interestingly enough, or not so much, the album name stems from another one of those “fed up with the world”  conversations J and I have been having all too frequently lately. “No more People Pleasing” View Pre-Production on People Pleasing and some older tracks here.. Really jonesin for some new MI$.. take a listen to this one for another sneak-peak.. video content is kinda whack, sorry guys- life in the fastlane is cutting into my editing (and blogging) time..   Oh Yea and this one shot at 4:10am on the eve of our move into the new pad! Hope to see all of our favorite local Monkeys to 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach on August 19th!  We will be debuting a few new jams and have some giveaways planned- its gonna be a kick in the face of a time.

Monkeys In Space Live at 710 Beach Club, Pacific Beach

Mi$ at 710 Beach Club

much love- Ruk

Official Self-Addressed Music Video

Well ladies and gentleman- it is finally complete! Check out our first full length Music Video directed by Mike Vara and his HowFarWillUGo campaign. We are stoked this finally got done and we can’t wait to show you guys what we have been up to! See ya on the 29th at 4th & B!


The latest track..

Just got this one back this mornin- Huge thanks to OXi Ros for all of your (unpaid) time and effort on cleaning up our crappy recordings!

We’re really stoked on how this one came out, hope you all enjoy it. Monkeys in Space, “Blame Me”

Blame Me by MonkeysInSpace

Mi$ Featured in a SCORE Race Video

Well I was handing out demos at Bebos race and it looks like we actually got some listeners! Check out this video recap of SCORE Primm 300 Desert Race featuring Monkeys In Space music. Look out for those McMillin Trucks! Huge thanks to Doug Hayduk for rockin our tracks on the sound track! New tracks coming REAL soon. Monkeys In $pace

To see more of Dougs work visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/WickedGravityVideo