FACT: Flying Under the Influence = Baby Makin’ Music

This is why we do what we do… 



Fan: you boys jam

MI$: yessir
we’re grindin

Fan: i fucked a chick last night with that playlist on haha

MI$: noooooooooooo
did you really?!

Fan: it was rad.. i was like you wanna     hear my boys band? and she was like yes… and the next think i knew we were fuckin to ur music
swear to god

MI$: hahaha
dude you have no idea how much that means to me

Flying Under the Influence everywhere, May 3rd.

91x Radio Promo

Check out our 91x Radio Promo for our show tonight.. Thanks radio land.

Follow the link below and click the player in the center of the page.

Mi$ 91x Promo


91x Promo


4th & B Recap… M.I.$.

It’s official… 4th & B is the M.I.$.’ new favorite place to ROCK!! What a great show last night. All the Monkeys were there, girls were getting knocked over in the mosh, and EVERYONE was rocking!!

The stage was enormous, at least compared to the tiny stages we’re used to playing on. As always, we were running all over the place, cutting off the sound to our guitars by stepping on our tuners haha but what a show! Big thanks to everyone over at 4th & B. Definitely one of the pinnacle moments in M.I.$. history to date. We can’t wait to get back there and rock the house again! Thank you to all of the space monkeys for attending. Without you guys, we are just 4 drunken fools poorly playing instruments! Big thanks to Ray Roman for the photos. To check out more, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/monkeysinspace.

Oh yeah, we got interviewed after the show… although, we aren’t sure who it was, or when/where it will appear but we’ll be sure to keep you all posted on that!

$ee you soon!

Monkeys In Space Video Teaser

Monkeys In Space Music Video Shoot 1

On Mikey's set

Alright punkers, heres a brand new video teaser of our single Self-Addressed. Directed by brother/friend Michael Vara- this one is guaranteed  to melt some faces! Expect the full music video to be posted very soon! We are stoked to have killer friends that stuck it out til 3am with us on the first night of shooting, thanks guys we really turned that party out and we got some great footage! Hope to see you all at 4th & B Friday August 27th!

Monkeys Take Over Studio West in San Diego to Record Newest Single, “Self-Addressed”

ATTENTION, MONKEYS! We came to point where we needed somethin fresh for our army of monkiacs (works, eh?). So, we stumbled on over to studio west and, with enIMa of the $tate on the on the wall and rock n roll in our veins we laid down our ROCK tune, “Self-Addressed.” This melodic, intense, aggrevated song hits us where we’ve all been.. where many of us still are – strugglin to keep afloat while your shit’s pullin you down. Try this: line up whatever you got goin on in 5-6 empty bottles about waist high, grab an aluminum big barrel and right around the bridge, start swingin.

Stay up, Monkeys… Enjoy.