Mi$ Debuting New Tracks Off “Kill Your Past!” TONIGHT on FM949!

Monkeys In Space will be LIVE on FM94.9 to debut never before heard music off of the anticipated Tuesday release “Kill Your Past!” Don’t miss this!!

** Listen in for the magic word- when heard head over towww.facebook.com/monkeysinspace and post the word on our wall…Everyone who participates will receive a FREE Flying Under the Influence T Shirt and EP shipped to your door!

Tune in around 8pm to Tim Pyles FM 94/9 show- we are on towards the second half so be sure and keep the dial in place!

For anyone outside of San Diego listen in here: http://player.listenlive.co/28331

** To participate in the giveaway please click on the tab that has a picture of a PLAY button on it and is titled “Band Profile, Submit your email address to the “Join Mailing List” button and we will contact you to obtain your address for your free Mi$ gear!

Join Mi$ Mailing List & Get FREE MERCH: https://www.facebook.com/monkeysinspace/app_2405167945


About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at http://www.monkeysinspace.net or http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com

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