Gear is packed- LA here we come!

Mi$ do Hollywood

Monkeys In Space do LA

These monkeys are officially packed and ready for the Hollywood move. It’s time to get in the muck of things and get our music heard. We’re gettin older and it ain’t gettin any easier so this has gotttta work.. well fingers crossed. You might see us on the local news goin all “Airheads” style soon enough.

As we are moving to LA we say goodbye to SD with two kickass farewell shows..

Sunday June 10th we will be playing UCSD’s Che Cafe in support of the Invisible Children Charity.It is 5 dollars to get in and all proceeds go two the Invisible Children Foundation.

Check Out More on the Invisible Children Here- Knowledge is Power.

June 23rd, ohhh June 23rd! We will be sharing the stage with one of our favorite all time bands UNNNWRRITTENNN LAWWW!” We know you guys are as stoked as we are and we will be gettin a party bus together with several stops to make the trek up to the Vault in Temecula in ragin fashion. It’s a Saturday, too so we will get up there and do a bit of tailgate partying early!

“Well celebration, about time!”


This weeks Mx Contest:

the boys been good to me- ever since I was a lower case g.(First to name that line wins a free Monkeys T!


About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at or

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