Hate Hate Everything Debut Live footy

” look at all of those faces before they got melted..”

Mi$ Live

Johnny and J Rippin it up at Typhoon Saloon

Mi$ Merch Table

Monkeys In Space Merch Table and JV gettin his salesman on

Our boy JVel Iphoned the last song in our Typhoon Saloon set this past Friday! Huge thanks Jeremy- first fan video upload in 3 years! Check out the live version of our brand new song Hate Hate Everything.. So smokin new I didnt even have the words down yet.. catch me cheating with stage notes!

Leave us some love if you dig it..Hate Hate Everything, its definitely a mouthful of a song! Available on Itunes and Spotify now! Hate Hate Everything was again, mixed by Oxi Ros who will be joining us on stage for the next few months as our fill in drummer.. We are stoked to have him on board- he has mixed and mastered every one of our songs since day 1 and he knows the tunes inside and out! Check out his debut Sunday June 10th at the Invisible Children Benefit Show.

Purchase Hate Hate Everything and help us finish our next cd! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hate-hate-everything/id527935305?i=527935398

Hate Hate Everything (Live/Debut Performance)


About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at http://www.monkeysinspace.net or http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com

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