Monkey Moves

Welcome May. It’s been a long spring for us monkeys. The tour is over! What a run we had. We took our show to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and all the way back down the west coast – twice! It was an adventure, to say the least, and we got it all on film! For those of you who haven’t seen parts 1 & 2 of the Flying Under the Influence webisode, head on over to our YouTube page to check them out!

Now that the tour is over, we’ve decided it’s time for a change of scenery. As soon as we can, Monkeys In Space is packin’ up and moving to Los Angeles. We’ve started to make a little bit of noise on Sunset Blvd. and, after a couple great shows, are convinced we’re ready to take Hollywood on full-speed-ahead. But first things first, it’s time for some new music!

We began pre-production on our new record this week and are as anxious as ever to get it recorded. We have a lot of new ideas and may even reach back to pull out some songs from some of our early recordings! Whatever we decide, we can promise you one thing – this record will ROCK!

Make sure and stay tuned to our social networks, as we will be posting all kinds of updates throughout the move, writing and recording processes. Also, keep an eye out for parts 3 & 4 of our webisode – which will soon be available in its entirety on DVD! Rock on Monkeys, we’ll see you soon!


About J Vara

I play guitar and sing in Monkeys In Space.

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