So we have been on the road.. and our site has suffered, here is an offering!

We are working on the Posts of all Posts right now with an accurate recounting of the first leg of the Flying Under the Influence Tour. We have braved blizzards and storms in a leaky sketchy bus, talked our way out of imprisonment and ridiculous serial-killer/nazi bars, drove 15 hours straight in the dead of night 3 times, melted some faces, made some new friends, watched our bus catch fire and limped 100miles home at 20mph on the 5 when our transmission blew out on the final day of the first leg- oh yea and we played some kickass rock shows too. We have captured it all on film and are gearing up to set out on the second leg! The next webisode is well in the works and should be posted shortly. Until then here is the last night of the first leg in Hollywood California at the Whisky A Go Go. Party on Wayne.



About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at or

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