Mi$ Pre-Tour Webisode.. Courtesy of our boy Ray Ray

We dumped off an obnoxious amount of footage and Ray sorted it all out for us! Follow us for the last three months as we rock San Diego, Visit Tim Pyles and FM949, Purchase and begin overhauling our Tour bus aptly named “Getchofuckson,” and watch as we record our catchiest tune yet at San Diego’s Studio West. Thanks RayRay- you’ve done it again.. Stay tuned for the next WEBisode!

Here is the official Tour Date list so far! Dates are still being added for April and May!

March 1: 910 Live, Tempe Arizona
March 2: Macayo’s Bar & Grill, Tempe Arizona
March 3: Motorcity Cafe, Las Vegas Nevada
March 6: Liquid Joes, Salt Lake City Utah
March 8: Liquid Lounge, Boise Idaho
March 9: O’Malleys Pub, Tacoma Washington
March 10: Skylark Cafe, Seattle Washington
March 11: High Dive, Seattle Washington
March 12: The Roxy, Vancouver BC
March 13: Plan B, Portland Oregon
March 15: Jub-Jubs, Reno Nevada
March 16: AFTERNOON SHOW: Zuh G. Sacramento California (DT MALL SHOW)
March 16: NIGHT SHOW: Marylins on K, Sacramento California
March 17 AFTERNOON SHOW: Lake Cunningham Skate Park, San Jose California
March 17 NIGHT SHOW: Stork Club, Oakland California
March 20: El Rio, San Francisco, California
March 22: Los Gatos San Jose California
March 23: Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles California
March 24: Swallows Fest, San Juan California
March 30: Sandbar, San Diego California
April 6: Freakin Frog, Las Vegas Nevada
April 7: Cheyanne Saloon, Las Vegas Nevada
April 17: The Bar Deluxe, Salt Lake City Utah
April 21: Woodys, Boise Idaho
April 22: The Mix,Seattle Washington
April 23: Elbo Room, San Francisco California
April 24: Grant & Green, San Francisco California
April 25: Lake Cunningham Skate Park, San Jose California
April 26: StreetLight Records, San Jose California


About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at http://www.monkeysinspace.net or http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com

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