LeapYear: 29 Days Until Flying Under the Influence Tour

Hey-o Monkeys,

So much to report! Where to start… Well first things first. We met our $2,000 kickstarter goal! We are completely blown away by the amount of support we have received and are forever indebted to everyone that so graciously supported our cause. We never expected that kind of love and you guys have truly made our tour. Thank you so much and expect all of your incentives, including all new merch to be sent out to you immediately following the kickstarters closing on February 14th and remember, there is still time to donate and every cent helps us get to the next city! We love all of ya and can’t wait to rock you guys soon!

The tour is really shaping up to be a fuckin kickass party train to hell and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Monkeys Tour Bus

Mi$ Tour Bus Overhaul Stage 1

Our bus is in the last stages of preparations, merch is on it’s way and March and April are booked solid! For Tour Dates visit the Events > Shows section of this site or visit our facebook page at http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com.

Superwhiskey Cover by Peter Nudo

Superwhiskey Cover

Yesterday we released the “Superwhiskey Ep” featuring remixes of two of our most rocking songs “Supermodel Suitcase” and “Whiskey Kings” by an old high school friend Adam Cobb (Vyranis) He did an amazing job- The Ep includes dance remixes and the original and is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon & More. Keep an eye out for the Special Edition “Superwhiskey” Vinyl- Coming very soon. Ep also features epic artwork by Peter Nudo, good friend and designer of the Flying Under the Influnce cover.. we love his work and hope to make him our permanent album designer. Visit him at http://www.peternudo.com.

Purchase the new Ep on Itunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/superwhiskey-remix-ep/id499298294

Aside from the release we spent last week in our favorite studio- Studio West and managed to track two more brand spanking new songs for People Pleasin, Our next full length release. Although we do not see the album getting finished before we have to leave for tour- we will most certainly be releasing these two new killer rock songs very soon! For a sneak peak of our next webisode and a look behind the scenes of the tracking of “Hate Hate Everything” peep the following link! All of Studio West came together to help us with the “Chorus” vocals and we managed to get a real badass sound 7 voices deep! We are a bit nevous as we have decided to have someone other than the usual- Oxi Ros mix take a stab at it. Josh Drucker will be handling the mixes and I am pretty stoked! We grew up together and came up on the same music.. countless late night singalongs with the homies leads me to believe Druck has got a solid idea of what sound we are goin for… and hes definitely got the skills!

Amidst a super busy week we also managed to find some time to shoot a long overdue music video for the Flying Under the Influence song “(This is) How We Live.” Long time band friend, and incredibly talented video producer, Jared Goldstein spent the day with us as we traveled around our hometown of San Diego and gathered some great promo footage and even a bit of us rocking the box out.. Should be a great piece of promo before the tour launch- Stay tuned.

Also in the works is our next Webisode- we have months worth of footage and another good buddy of ours, Ray-Ray Roman- will be tackeling this one and with all of the footy we managed to get over the past few “rough” couple of months, we feel you guys will get a great inside look at the trials and tribulations of indie bands in todays world. Rock n’ Roll is on the upswing and Monkeys In Space will be on the forefront, getttt readddyyy kids! To see some of Rays work visit him here: raymondroman.wordpress.com.

Lastly, MERCH IS FINALLY IN! Get yours now! Visit the Store page to pick up a tee or hoodie, special edition Flying Under the Influence Poster or Mi$ stickers! Poway homies doin it again, huge shout out to our buddy Brent Canning for this and the Special Edition poster design!

We have a myriad of talented friends and we are putting them all to work!

Monkeys In Space Zip-Up Hoodie

Monkeys In Space Zip-Up Hoodie

Mi$ Special Edition Tour Poster

Monkeys In Space FUTI Special Edition Poster

Monkeys In Space TOUR DATES (Official)

  • March 1: 910 Live, Tempe Arizona
  • March 2: Macayo’s Bar & Grill, Tempe Arizona
  • March 3: Motorcity Cafe, Las Vegas
  • March 6: Liquid Joes, Salt Lake City Utah
  • March 8: Liquid Lounge, Boise Idaho
  • March 9: O’Malleys Pub, Tacoma Washington
  • March 10: Skylark Cafe, Seattle Washington
  • March 11: High Dive, Seattle Washington
  • March 12: The Roxy, Vancouver BC
  • March 13: Plan B, Portland Oregon
  • March 15: Jub-Jubs, Reno Nevada
  • March 16: Day: Zuh G. Sacramento California (DT MALL SHOW)
  • March 16: Night: Marylins on K, Sacramento California
  • March 17: Stork Club, Oakland California
  • March 18: TBA San Francisco California
  • March 19: TBA SLO California
  • March 22: Los Gatos San Jose California
  • March 23: Whisky, Los Angeles California
  • March 24: Swallows Fest, San Juan California
  • March 30: Sandbar, San Diego California

*April & May dates available on our Reverbnation, Facebook or Shows page.


About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at http://www.monkeysinspace.net or http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com

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