Mi$’s Supermodel Suitcase Remix by Capitalism gettin plays!

Monkeys In Space_Supermodel Suitcase (Remix by Capitalism)

Monkeys In Space_Supermodel Suitcase (Remix by Capitalism)

‎1,030 Plays! Supermodel Suitcase Remix is a hit! If you havent heard it yet, head over to the Capitalism Soundcloud and check out what Adam Cobb and his partner did.. youve never heard a dance song this rockin! Whiskey Kings Dance REMIX by Capitsalism coming soon! Once again we are lucky enough to have Peter Nudo and Brent Canning working out cover art for our two new releases and I know they will be amazing. We are also considering doing a short run of Vinyl of Supermodel so we can get our man Nud’s artwork printed up extra large as a collectors piece! Supermodel Suitcase (Remix  by Capitalism) and People Pleasin’ (Mi$’s latest track off of upcoming 2012 release) will be available for download on Itunes as soon as we get the artwork back.

(If you liked the cover of Flying Under the Influence, check out more work by our bud,  Peter Nudo- including an album cover for every day of the year here: http://newdough.tumblr.com/)

Huge THANKS to all of our backers in our kickstarter campaign! We are overwhelmed by the amount of love we are getting and are already 1/4 (21%) of the way to our goal of $2,000. This money is key to making our tour a success and allowing us a little bit of breathing room- our bus is old and we are just praying to the rock gods that it holds together!

We have cool incentives and you can earn a little piece of Mi$’s Flying Under the Influence Tour for a backing as low as a buck! So far we have 1 monkeys guitar lesson and a song to write for one lucky fan!

We hate to ask for money during the tough economic times but we couldn’t be more proud of how willing you guys are to help keep Monkeys In Space afloat. Check out our backers so far and we are only into day 2! Lets keep this train a’rollin!

Monkeys In Space Kickstarter Campaign Backers

Monkeys In Space Kickstarter Campaign Backers

We can’t wait to rock you monkeys soon! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! Stay tuned for a custom song written for Kyle McCallan as he kicked off the backing with an unprecedented $200 donation! Rock on!

New webisode, new year, coming very very soon!

Night Monkeys! 


About jrukkus

I play guitar and sing in the San Diego rock band Monkeys In Space- Check out our official site at http://www.monkeysinspace.net or http://www.fromspacetoyourface.com

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